Seattle Queen Scarlet Parke Ignites Chop Suey and Releases her New Single "Man Like You"

If you don’t know the name by now, it’s about time you listen up and take some notes. Since the debut release of her “Long Night” EP in 2016, singer-songtress Scarlet Parke has become an undeniable force of nature on the Seattle music scene. She spent this year buzzing between recording and working with producer Jake Crocker on top of founding her own networking company, Parke Ave, that serves as an artist resource center and mobile app that also hosts monthly networking events for musicians and various open mic series throughout Seattle. This past summer she released her latest pop hit “Moonlight” with Crocker, who accompanied her on stage with his beat wizardry and electronic drum set at C

Tobias the Owl, Sojourn Soul and Jeremiah Craig Shine Bright in Ballard

As soon as I entered through the doors at Conor Byrne in Ballard, I could feel the love inside shared by all the performers. It was a very special night, which held a sense of community and support for one another. It was great to see everyone hugging each other, smiling and conversing, excited to share their music with one another and everyone there. From the moment I arrived, I knew I was in for a treat. Usually when I go to a show, one artist/band stands out for me, this time that wasn’t the case. This time all three stood out and held their own. What they shared that night was thought provoking, emotional and made the audience feel a connection to them. It was also somewhat educational

Nick Weaver Wows a Sold Out Crowd at Columbia City Theatre

Photo Credit: Ramzey Staples It's Saturday night and Seattle brought the rain. And typically, when the rain falls on a dreary fall evening in the Emerald City, so does attendance. But that was not the case for Respect My Region’s showcase starring Nick Weaver and New Track City. I passed through the crowd of smokers outside and approached Columbia City Theatre, the energy was palpable as I meandered through the bustling front bar full of drinkers and a crooning singer towards the main stage in the back. The double doors led me into a new world full of smoke, flashing lights, and heavy bass that throttled the floor. The room was packed full of excited and smiling faces as I found the buzzing

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