Parke Ave Is Expanding To LA!

We are excited to officially announce that we are expanding to SoCal!!! What does this mean? Your network just grew by a lot. We are working hard to bring local artists together...from everywhere. We will be starting an LA group for you to connect with LA artists, learn about LA events, and get help with booking in the LA market. On the flipside, LA artists will now have access to Seattle. Think of the possibilities!! What to expect: Parties - As you know, we like to party. We will continue throwing events in Seattle and now, California! As a member, you get first dibs on all events. New Partnerships - Moving forward, we are going to be emphasizing our partnerships and opportunities with bra

Jake Crocker sings?! New Single ‘Who You Should Be’ Stuns The World

Just when you thought you had Jake Crocker figured out, he drops a single featuring HIMSELF as the lead singer. What doesn’t he do? There’s nothing quite like watching an artist grow and evolve, especially when the starting point is already fantastic. Jake Crocker has been the orchestrator for many successful acts like Sam Lachow, Ryan Caraveo, Scarlet Parke, and Tinsley, but has never shown us his true colors as an artist, until now. His newest single ‘Who You Should Be’ is a gorgeous mantra encouraging you to embrace the journey of life, despite uncertainty. The track is upbeat, yet ultra vibey and is guaranteed to leave you hypnotized no matter how many times you hear it. I’ve probably li

Spence Hood's "Pantryman" - New EP Review

Out of the many artists Seattle has, Spence Hood is one to leave a lasting impression. His soft and pristine vocals soar over the harmonious instrumentation and keeps the listeners full attention. He’s a musician who wears his heart on his sleeve and his new EP, produced by the talented Robert L. Smith, makes PantryMan the perfect example. The album starts off with a banger called “Foothills”. Spence leads us in with a strong, catchy piano melody that makes you want to move your body. It’s bursting with drive and a “never give up” attitude, leaving me feel refreshed. The next track “She” changes the vibe, but in the best way. A smooth, passionate tune that features guitar and an upbeat choir

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