Like Lions Brings 80's Summer Vibes with Newest Release "U Got Me"

Listen Here: “U Got Me” is the fresh new release from homegrown Seattle artist Like Lions and the second track off of the upcoming album, An Aging Millennial. Peter O’Neill, the one man show making up Like Lions draws on personal experiences and turning 30 years old to compose this easy going pop anthem. The track opens with a slow build up of piano cords, distorted vocals, and synth overlays to build anticipation and intrigue listeners. It’s compelling and hooked me instantly. The first verse then dives into the overall theme of the song - an homage to someone special who understands you as a whole. The melody captivates your ears as the chorus g

Lost Triibe Drops a Viibe | Look Away Ft. Erina

Written by Greta Grainda Returning from a five-year hiatus, Lost Triibe’s newest single Look Away (feat. Erina) is the first major production since their 2014 Escape EP. The Seattle based group with a Jungle like power ensemble establish a steady, lighthearted summer song with light electronic percussion and silky vocals. Time off has allowed Lost Triibe to experiment, develop, and refine their sound, enhancing their reverberating beats and instrument and vocal blends. Look Away reveals self-awareness and a slight departure from the ventures off of Escape, and ultimately shows growth from the off years. While the lyrics are a bit limited, the intertwining voices call to the chill, comforting

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