Nick Weaver Wows a Sold Out Crowd at Columbia City Theatre

Photo Credit: Ramzey Staples

It's Saturday night and Seattle brought the rain. And typically, when the rain falls on a dreary fall evening in the Emerald City, so does attendance. But that was not the case for Respect My Region’s showcase starring Nick Weaver and New Track City. I passed through the crowd of smokers outside and approached Columbia City Theatre, the energy was palpable as I meandered through the bustling front bar full of drinkers and a crooning singer towards the main stage in the back.

The double doors led me into a new world full of smoke, flashing lights, and heavy bass that throttled the floor. The room was packed full of excited and smiling faces as I found the buzzing center of the crowd.

Nick Weaver stepped out with his signature slicked back hair and launched into an energetic song that immediately captured the crowd’s attention. Hands went up and guards went down as Nick guided us through a series of talk backs. “When I say “Good” you say “Lord!”


Skeptics became believers and there were no questions why. His beats and flow intertwined effortlessly as they painted a story for the hungry ears listening. Bodies started to move closer to the stage and I could hear positive murmurs all around me. Weaver doesn’t rely on one formula for his songs, these are intellectually stimulating stories in complicated rhythms with tasty rhymes over GREAT beats.

I’m a notorious slug when it comes to rap shows. I don’t particularly like being told to put my hands in the air, and jump around or say this when you say that, but that was before I saw Nick Weaver. His stage presence was infectious. I felt like I was actually helping him every time I yelled out after him. I was waving my hands like a madwoman and screaming out anything he asked. I was loving every minute of it. And then it was over.

Nick Weaver is a professional. He ended his show with an affirming bang, leaving the audience wanting more. A gracious host from beginning to end, he unveiled his humility, thanking everyone for coming out and showing love for the second act.

When I spoke with him after the show it seemed like he had just as much fun as I did.

“I really liked opening up to a new audience. Sharing the room with New Track City's crowd gave me a whole different pair of ears to let it fly with. I loved that.”

No ego, no attitude. Just a dude who loves what he does. That is Nick Weaver.

Nick's new EP "Sleep Clinic" releases December 12 on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned as he plans to roll out new singles en route to the EP's release day.

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