Seattle Queen Scarlet Parke Ignites Chop Suey and Releases her New Single "Man Like You"

If you don’t know the name by now, it’s about time you listen up and take some notes.

Since the debut release of her “Long Night” EP in 2016, singer-songtress Scarlet Parke has become an undeniable force of nature on the Seattle music scene.

She spent this year buzzing between recording and working with producer Jake Crocker on top of founding her own networking company, Parke Ave, that serves as an artist resource center and mobile app that also hosts monthly networking events for musicians and various open mic series throughout Seattle.

This past summer she released her latest pop hit “Moonlight” with Crocker, who accompanied her on stage with his beat wizardry and electronic drum set at Chop Suey at her Nov. 8th show.

For the first time in a year, listeners who attended the show served as witnesses to Parke’s re-emergence if you will. After taking a hiatus on performing for almost a year, she was met with elation as adorning fans sang along to “Moonlight.”

People danced and documented and vibed along as if they were riding with Parke passenger side on HWY 99 on a hot summer night. “Put my head down, shuffle my feet, you’ll never the get best of me…” her upbeat and sultry musical anthem so relatable you sing along feeling empowered and lifted. Her performance revealed that Parke has not only grown into her power-house and pop-rooted prowess, she has left us aching and wondering what’s next.

She announced at the show that she will be releasing another standout song from her performance, “Man Like You,” a Latin-dance ballad which just dropped Monday, Nov. 26, also in collaboration with Crocker.

As much as she brought the party and turned it up, she also reminded us of her impeccable ability to bring down the house with a stripped down version of her coming of age tale, “Never Going Home” featuring guest accompaniment from Dimiter Yordanov, who swooned on Spanish style guitar. At various points throughout the song, the pair brought the audience to an awe-inspiring silence mesmerized by Parke's voice and story-telling.

Basking in the spotlight, the night left us thankful that Parke has discovered the force of her own Moonlight and we can’t to watch her rise in the coming year.

You can hear Scarlet's new song here: 'Man Like You' - Scarlet Parke (prod. Jake Crocker)

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