Little Wins ft. Scarlet Parke WINNING with new single 'You're Not Coming Over'

Little Wins, comprised of the solo producer-musician Andrew Vait, returns with a new single featuring fellow Seattle artist Scarlet Parke for a booming collaboration on this defiant, upbeat anthem.

Right off the bat, the song is captivating with echoing tones that lead straight into velvety vocals. The buildup of hands clapping steadies the beat and the tempo quickly ascends as Parke reaches higher and higher notes. We’re immediately launched into a dizzying epic of electronic beats. The booming bass synths after the opening lyrics add a level of grittiness to offset the silky voice of Parke. The track is predominantly voiced by Parke’s soaring vocals coupled with the electronic power of Little Wins. However, Vait lends his voice (enhanced by a slight autotune creating a haunting feel) in the second verse to incorporate mellow elements to contrast Parke’s lyrics, thus constructing a balanced duet of back and forth dialogue. The track as a whole is reminiscent of Odesza’s “Higher Ground” featuring Naomi Wild with rising percussions that expand and weave their way into the chorus. As a whole, it’s ethereal yet bold.

The super high energy song is overwhelming at moments but offers reassurance for the decision to prevent the person of interest to not come over. “It’s just a waste of time” hints at annoyance and the sound of the song indicates there is no remorse for this decision, nay there is validation. The sing-song nature of the song acts as a mood lifter and rejects any negative attitudes. This is a song of confirmation.

It’s clear that Vait is quickly absorbing and progressing in order to expand his musical repertoire. Based off of Little Wins’ previous single “Metal” to “You’re Not Coming Over”, the level of studio production has been prioritized and focused on. It’s an area of improvement and it’s unparalleled. At times, the track is on the verge of being too harsh, but the balance of intensity will come with time. As the track played, I kept willing it to be longer. 2 minutes and 44 seconds isn’t enough - we need more from this enthralling song! Overall, there is extraordinary potential and this is certainly the beginning of an exciting era as Little Wins settles into a niche.

In Vait's own words: 

Based off of your previous work, it seems that it is predominantly your voice on other tracks. Why did you choose to step back and collaborate with Scarlet for this song?

We wrote “You’re Not Coming Over” almost exactly a year ago without any plan for what to do with the song. I had this Robyn-style pop aesthetic in mind for our collaboration; I just knew I wanted it to hit hard. I recorded that pulsing bassline about 5 minutes before she showed up at my home studio and we jumped right in.

Who wrote the lyrics? Was it a team effort?

Scarlet came in with lyrics she had already written and we sculpted the narrative to fit for two characters, but the intention was always to have the track feature her voice.

Is this song specifically about a certain person or is it a larger representation of past relationships or something else entirely?

Maybe for Scarlet, the song is about someone specific. For me, it’s about the disorientation associated with feeling rejected. Not necessarily in a romantic relationship, but in larger ways. Clashing political viewpoints with a friend. Feeling the weight of how we don’t all see the systemic oppression happening in our country and in the world.

Who is your musical inspiration? For instance, on “Metal”, there were major vibes reminiscent of Phil Collins and Bon Iver (22 Million)/James Blake brought together by electronic beats.

Those are the ones! I took a lot of influence from Francis and the Lights for my first two singles, "Let Me Into Your Heart" and "Metal". I was definitely going for that “Bon Iver” thing with that intro to "Metal". Once you discover autotune, it’s hard to turn it off. Scarlet and I went back and forth about how much autotune is appropriate - I’m solidly in the “always more” camp.

What are you currently working on and/or any major goals for the rest of 2019 and heading into 2020? You’d be awesome on the festival circuit, but are you more focused on making more songs or a full-length album?

I have a collaboration with my friends Budo and Dave Dalton set as my next Little Wins release - I’m actually sitting in front of the session right now about to edit my vocals. We’re going to wrap production this week and it will come out sometime in the late summer. My plan is to release singles through the end of 2019. Because the world of producing is so new to me, I’m just trying to take things one day at a time.

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