Lost Triibe Drops a Viibe | Look Away Ft. Erina

Written by Greta Grainda

Returning from a five-year hiatus, Lost Triibe’s newest single Look Away (feat. Erina) is the first major production since their 2014 Escape EP. The Seattle based group with a Jungle like power ensemble establish a steady, lighthearted summer song with light electronic percussion and silky vocals.

Time off has allowed Lost Triibe to experiment, develop, and refine their sound, enhancing their reverberating beats and instrument and vocal blends. Look Away reveals self-awareness and a slight departure from the ventures off of Escape, and ultimately shows growth from the off years. While the lyrics are a bit limited, the intertwining voices call to the chill, comforting nature of The xx and Oh Wonder. They have managed to maintain a singer-songwriter feel with a modern take, producing easy-going peaceful sounds. The harmonious vocals are contrasted by solid synths akin to Nora En Pure. The tropical undertones immediately transport you to lazy days on the beach, carefree and lighthearted. I found myself bopping along and humming throughout the day since the catchy chorus has a knack for implanting itself in your head. The track is not necessarily an anthem for summer, but a versatile tune that needs to be added into your playlist circuit for heavy rotation. It’s just the song that you needed to kick off your summer and start anticipating those 80 degree days. Excited to see more from Lost Triibe.

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/track/6AiLqNFf9vnNt14TH70IEx


What was your main inspiration for this record?

Look Away started with the main pluck/kalimba sound, a kick drum, and us just hanging out and singing different ideas over it. The words "look away" kind of naturally emerged from some nonsense syllables at the end of a scratch vocal take. We chose those words as a motif and from there, lines were inspired by that general feeling of longing or missing someone special, but also more specifically the feeling you get when pursuing a dream or aspiration makes you distance yourself from friends and/or even loved ones who you still might care for deeply.

What was the hardest part of recording?

Finding the chords that felt uplifting while still having a slight melancholy/sentimentality to them to fit the tone set by the lyrics was a bit of a challenge. The chords started out jazzier and more complex, the verse and chorus had completely different progressions and drum grooves. We simplified everything because it gave the spotlight to the development of the vocal melody and harmony, which we thought was appropriate for a song like this one.

What was your favorite part of recording?

It was fun learning how to make new sounds that we could hear in our heads and describe but not yet create. Eventually having those new sounds (or approximations of them) combine and work in tandem with the melody we wrote together was a satisfying way to have the record evolve through different versions and eventually take shape into something that feels like a cohesive track. 

How has your sound evolved since Escape EP?

Since Escape, we've found our sonic vision by figuring out how we want our live show to not only sound and flow, but also look and feel. We've explored and fallen in love with scores of electronic, indie, jazz, RnB, and pop artists who all perform in immensely different ways, and that's helped us determine what we want to do with our own project going forward. Sonically, what we've heard over the last few years at concerts, festivals, Soundcloud, Spotify, etc. inspires us to keep learning as much as we can about production, sound design, and songwriting and then apply it to our own music. Instrumentally, Look Away is pretty synthetic, inspired by EDM, and doesn't have many guitars on it. We have (at least) three guitar players in our live band, so saying that our new sound or direction "more synthetic with less guitar" is definitely not an accurate way to describe our new sound, despite it accurately describing our first new single. Vocally, however, we do feel like Look Away is more refined and elegant than some of our older music’s lyrics and melodies. Our sound, in general, has evolved and where we'd like to have it go from here; we're excited to perform and release more new music to give Look Away some context.

What are some of the future goals for Lost Triibe?

Our main goal at the moment is to create immersive performances of our songs where all the sounds and effects are made completely live by humans. Most of us started playing music either in choral, classical, or jazz ensembles or folk, indie, or rock bands, so we want to stay true to our that while still creating an authentic and new blend of vocal, acoustic, and electronic sounds that keeps us interested, evolving, and playing together. When we have a good idea of how songs will work on stage, we want to record them, release the singles, save the deep cuts, and repeat that process until we have enough material release another EP or full-length album. All of this while hopefully playing as many live shows as we can manage to find stages that we'll all fit on.

You can catch Lost Triibe live alongside Joza and and Jamie Blake at Substation on June 29th! Click below for tickets ----


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