Parke Ave Is Expanding To LA!

We are excited to officially announce that we are expanding to SoCal!!!

What does this mean? 

Your network just grew by a lot. We are working hard to bring local artists together...from everywhere. We will be starting an LA group for you to connect with LA artists, learn about LA events, and get help with booking in the LA market. On the flipside, LA artists will now have access to Seattle. Think of the possibilities!! 

What to expect:

Parties - As you know, we like to party. We will continue throwing events in Seattle and now, California! As a member, you get first dibs on all events. 

New Partnerships - Moving forward, we are going to be emphasizing our partnerships and opportunities with brands. Social Media is quickly becoming the best way to make income outside of live shows. We will be working with brands that want to give you free product, pay, and/or feature you on their site (great exposure). In order to qualify, your IG needs to look good (have cohesive and QUALITY photos), have good numbers (followers to engagement ratio), and follow post guidelines created by brand. 

Examples of brands: Alcohol, clothing, water, makeup, skincare 

More Content - Our goal is have people who are kicking ass write more articles about what helped them the most. Do you have a story you want to share? Let us know! 

Our main goal will forever be to bring local artists together to create awesome experiences, share knowledge, and make connections.  

Want to get more involved? Email me at to find out how! 

Thanks and love you all!

xo Scarlet  

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