Spence Hood's "Pantryman" - New EP Review

Out of the many artists Seattle has, Spence Hood is one to leave a lasting impression. His soft and pristine vocals soar over the harmonious instrumentation and keeps the listeners full attention. He’s a musician who wears his heart on his sleeve and his new EP, produced by the talented Robert L. Smith, makes PantryMan the perfect example.

The album starts off with a banger called “Foothills”. Spence leads us in with a strong, catchy piano melody that makes you want to move your body. It’s bursting with drive and a “never give up” attitude, leaving me feel refreshed. The next track “She” changes the vibe, but in the best way. A smooth, passionate tune that features guitar and an upbeat choir lets you feel the sensation of love as he does.

His third song has a new vibe in contrast to the others. “A Boy From Sausalito” is filled with outstanding build up lyrics like “I’d rather be from where believers grow on trees”, making this one of the most beautifully written songs (in my own personal opinion) on the project. From the perspective of an older man telling a child some wisdom, Spence authentically opens up intimate pieces of himself to the listener. This track really left the biggest impression on me.

The fourth and final is nice acoustic ballad filled sorrowful lines but uplifting tones. He brings this project to a perfectly satisfying finish and leaves the listener to ponder.

Overall, Pantryman is an EP that holds its own character as it delves deep into emotion with genuine writing from the heart to accompany it. Spence Hood constantly showcases his artistic creativity, unique ear for sound and wonderful writing. I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next!

To celebrate this wonderful project. Spence will be holding a big release party on Friday, April 5th in Capitol Hill! With 3 opening acts and a theme of retro snacks, this is one party that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to check out the event page on facebook for more details. You can now stream the lovely Pantryman on all platforms today!

You can follow Spence and keep up with his work at:




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